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for  free

free WEBSITE resources

Find photos, videos, graphics, music, websites and AI related website access.
This will enable you to do better media without having to browse for content online.

free media training resources

Learn media with existing media resources on this platform.
You may not know what to look for on YouTube when there are plenty of resources.
We provide a systematic step by step training catalog to start from a beginners level to expert level.

Open Service Training to host a media training seminar for your class or community.


One Passion Media makes FRESH REELS and other social media content for our audience online. We know that these resources will also benefit you so we are sharing these media resources for free.

Share them with your friends and others who may benefit from it. Please
do not re-edit the media we create or make profit from our content. Our aim is to market our brand and spread a positive message.

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